Long non-coding RNA colon cancer-associated transcript-1 regulates tumor cell proliferation and invasion of non-small-cell lung cancer through suppressing miR-152.



AIM:Lung cancer serves as one of the most common cancers in the world, and approximately 50% of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients are found to be aged >70 when diagnosed. In this study, we aimed to explore the effect of long non-coding RNAs colon cancer-associated transcript-1 (CCAT1) in NSCLC. METHODS:A total of 72 clinical samples from older NSCLC patients were collected for analysis. The relative mRNA level of CCAT1 was detected through real-time polymerase chain reaction. Overall survival of NSCLC patients was detected through Kaplan-Meier survival analysis. MTT assays were used to detect cell proliferation. Cell invasion was determined by transwell assay. Protein levels were detected through western blot. RESULTS:CCAT1 expression levels significantly increased in NSCLC tumor tissues and were associated with poor overall survival of NSCLC patients. CCAT1 promotes cell proliferation, cell invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of NSCLC cell lines. CCAT1 binds with miR-152, and the effect of si-CCAT1 in NSCLC cell proliferation, cell invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition was partially reversed by anti-miR-152. CONCLUSIONS:Long non-coding RNA CCAT1 regulates tumor cell proliferation and invasion in NSCLC through suppressing miR-152. Geriatr Gerontol Int 2020; ••: ••-••.

长链非编码 RNA 结肠癌相关转录本-1 通过抑制 miR-152 调节肿瘤细胞增殖和非小细胞肺癌的侵袭。



目的: 肺癌是世界上最常见的癌症之一,约占非小细胞肺癌的 50%。确诊时发现患者年龄> 70 岁。在本研究中,我们旨在探讨长链非编码 RNAs 结肠癌相关转录本-1 (CCAT1) 在 NSCLC 中的作用。 方法: 收集 72 例老年 NSCLC 患者的临床样本进行分析。通过实时聚合酶链反应检测 CCAT1 的相对 mRNA 水平。通过 Kaplan-Meier 生存分析检测 NSCLC 患者的总生存期。MTT 法检测细胞增殖。通过 transwell 试验测定细胞侵袭。通过 western blot 检测蛋白水平。 结果: CCAT1 表达水平在 NSCLC 肿瘤组织中显著升高,且与 NSCLC 患者的总生存期差相关。CCAT1 促进 NSCLC 细胞系的细胞增殖、细胞侵袭和上皮间质转化。CCAT1 与 miR-152 结合,si-CCAT1 在 NSCLC 细胞增殖、细胞侵袭和上皮间质转化中的作用被 anti-miR-152 部分逆转。 结论: 长链非编码 RNA CCAT1 通过抑制 miR-152 调控 NSCLC 肿瘤细胞的增殖和侵袭。Gerigatr Gerontol Int 2020; • •: • •-•。


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Overview Geriatrics & Gerontology International is an interdisciplinary journal. Upon submission, authors will be asked to identify the category for their article is Biology/ Behavioral and Social Sciences/ Epidemiology, Clinical Practice and Health/ Social Research, Planning and Practice, in order to allow their manuscripts to be processed with speed and efficiency. Online Submission is welcome via ScholarOne Manuscripts. Aims and Scope Geriatrics & Gerontology International is the official Journal of the Japan Geriatrics Society, reflecting the growing importance of the subject area in developed economies and their particular significance to a country like Japan with a large aging population. Geriatrics & Gerontology International is now an international publication with contributions from around the world and published monthly. Geriatrics & Gerontology International serves as a medium for presenting original articles and review articles that offer significant contributions to knowledge in the broad field of geriatrics and gerontology. The journal also includes case reports, letters to the editors, abstracts and new items that may be of interest to geriatrics and gerontology researchers. The journal also provides information on national and international congresses held within Asian countries to promote friendship and to exchange ideas of mutual interest in the field of geriatrics and gerontology. Geriatrics and Gerontology International is an interdisciplinary journal. Upon submission, authors will be asked to identify the category for their article in Biology / Behavioral and Social Sciences / Epidemiology, Clinical Practice and Health / Social Research, Planning and Practice, in order to allow their manuscripts to be processed with speed and efficiency. Keywords Geriatrics, Gerontology, International, geriatric, medicine, ageing, dementia, elderly, gerontological, GGI, Geriatrics Society Abstracting and Indexing Information Abstracts in Social Gerontology (EBSCO Publishing) Abstracts on Hygiene & Communicable Diseases (CABI) Academic Search (EBSCO Publishing) Academic Search Alumni Edition (EBSCO Publishing) Academic Search Premier (EBSCO Publishing) AgBiotech News & Information (CABI) AgBiotechNet (CABI) CAB Abstracts® (CABI) Dairy Science Abstracts (CABI) Embase (Elsevier) Global Health (CABI) Health & Medical Collection (ProQuest) Health Research Premium Collection (ProQuest) Hospital Premium Collection (ProQuest) Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition (Clarivate Analytics) Journal Citation Reports/Social Science Edition (Clarivate Analytics) Leisure, Recreation & Tourism Abstracts (CABI) MEDLINE/PubMed (NLM) Nematological Abstracts (CABI) Nutrition Abstracts & Reviews Series A: Human & Experimental (CABI) Postharvest News & Information (CABI) Poultry Abstracts (CABI) ProQuest Central (ProQuest) ProQuest Central K-204 Research Library (ProQuest) Research Library Prep (ProQuest) Review of Aromatic & Medicinal Plants (CABI) Rural Development Abstracts (CABI) Science Citation Index Expanded (Clarivate Analytics) SCOPUS (Elsevier) Social Sciences Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics) Soybean Abstracts Online (CABI) Tropical Diseases Bulletin (CABI) VINITI (All-Russian Institute of Science & Technological Information) World Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology Abstracts (CABI)


概述 《老年医学与老年学国际》是一份跨学科的期刊。提交后,作者将被要求为他们的文章确定类别为生物学/行为和社会科学/流行病学、临床实践和健康/社会研究、规划和实践,以便使他们的手稿能够快速和有效地处理。欢迎通过ScholarOne手稿在线提交。 目的与范围 《老年医学与老年医学国际》是日本老年医学学会的官方刊物,反映了该学科领域在发达经济体中日益重要,对像日本这样人口老龄化严重的国家具有特殊意义。《老年医学与老年医学国际》是一本国际性刊物,由世界各地出版,每月出版一期。 《老年医学与老年医学国际》是一种展示原始文章和回顾文章的媒介,这些文章对老年医学和老年学的广泛领域的知识做出了重大贡献。该杂志还包括病例报告、致编辑的信件、摘要和新的项目,这些都可能是老年医学和老年医学研究人员感兴趣的。该杂志还提供了有关在亚洲国家举行的国家和国际代表大会的信息,以促进友谊,并交流在老年医学和老年医学领域的共同利益。 《老年医学与老年医学国际》是一本跨学科期刊。提交后,将要求作者为其在生物学/行为和社会科学/流行病学、临床实践和健康/社会研究、规划和实践中的文章确定类别,以便快速高效地处理其手稿。 关键词 老年医学、老年医学、国际、老年医学、医学、老龄化、痴呆、老年医学、老年医学、GGI、老年医学会 摘要和索引信息 社会老年学文摘(EBSCO出版) 卫生与传染病文摘(CABI) 学术搜索(ebsco出版) 学术搜索校友版(EBSCO出版) Academic Search Premier(EBSCO出版) 农业生物技术新闻与信息(CABI) 农业生物技术网 cab abstracts®(cabi) 乳品科学文摘(CABI) Embase(爱思唯尔) 全球健康(CABI) 健康与医疗收集(Proquest) 健康研究保费收集(Proquest) 医院保费收集(Proquest) 期刊引文报告/科学版(Clarivate Analytics) 期刊引文报告/社会科学版(Clarivate Analytics) 休闲、娱乐和旅游文摘(CABI) 医疗线/公共医疗(NLM) 线虫学文摘(CABI) 营养文摘与评论系列A:人类与实验(CABI) 收获后新闻与信息(CABI) 家禽文摘(CABI) Proquest Central(Proquest) Proquest中心K-204 研究图书馆(Proquest) 研究图书馆准备(项目) 芳香与药用植物综述(CABI) 农村发展文摘 科学引文索引扩展(Clarivate Analytics) Scopus(爱思唯尔) 社会科学引文索引(Clarivate Analytics) 在线大豆文摘(CABI) 热带病公报 Viniti(全俄罗斯科技信息研究所) 世界农业经济学与农村社会学文摘(CABI)


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Activities, Adaptation and Aging 0.48 第22百分位
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Journal of Gerontology and Geriatrics 0.42 第17百分位
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 0.42 第17百分位
Advances in Gerontology 0.38 第15百分位
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Geriatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement 0.31 第12百分位
Gerokomos 0.29 第11百分位
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Annals of Long-Term Care 0.16 第4百分位
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