Impact of chemistry and nanoformulation parameters on cellular uptake and airway distribution of RNA oligonucleotides.



:Small, synthetic oligonucleotides (ON) are of great interest as potential disease modifying drugs, mainly because of their ability to modulate previously undruggable target mutations. To date, therapeutic applications of ON are, however, limited by their physicochemical properties, including poor stability, rapid excretion and low intracellular access. In order to overcome some of these shortcomings, ON are generally formulated using nanoparticle (NP) delivery systems. Alternatively, the poor stability can be circumvented by including chemical modifications to the backbone or sugars of the ON. Some of these modifications also result in better intracellular target access of these otherwise membrane-impermeable macromolecules. Therefore, complex formulation of ON into NP in order to overcome the hurdle of intracellular access might not always be needed, especially in case of local delivery. In this study, the delivery and functionality of chemically modified ON in free form was compared to polymeric NP assisted delivery, measuring their effectivity and efficiency. For this reason, phosphorothioate (PS) backbone-modified 18-mer ON with either 2'OMe or 2'MOE-modifications were selected, capable of eliciting exon-skipping of an aberrant exon in fluorescence based in vitro and in vivo model systems. The NP consisted of poly(D,L-lactic,co-glycolic acid) and poly-β-amino-ester, previously demonstrated to successfully deliver nucleic acids via the pulmonary route. Several NP formulation parameters were tested in order to optimize the delivery of the ON, including ratio polymer:ON, NP size and concentration. The results reported here show clear differences between gymnotic and nanoparticle mediated ON delivery in terms of cellular uptake and local tissue distribution. In vitro, differences in exon-skipping efficiencies were observed with 2'OMe and 2'MOE ON either in free form or formulated in NP, with the striking observation that 2'OMe ON formulated in polymeric NP did not result in exon skipping. Gymnotic delivery of 2'MOE ON into the respiratory tract of mice resulted in functional delivery of exon-skipping ON into nasal epithelia and lungs as well as other downstream tissues and organs, pointing towards a gradual redistribution of locally delivered ONs, with limited but measurable systemic exposure. Conversely, NP-mediated delivery into the respiratory tract resulted in a more contained functional delivery at 10× lower ON doses compared to gymnotic delivery. Based on these findings we conclude that gymnotic delivery of 2'OMe or 2'MOE exon-skipping ON to the respiratory tract is effective, but that NP formulation might be advantageous in case spread of ON to non-target tissue can lead to undesired effects.

化学和纳米制剂参数对 RNA 寡核苷酸细胞摄取和气道分布的影响。



: 小的、合成的寡核苷酸 (ON) 作为潜在的疾病修饰药物非常感兴趣,主要是因为它们能够调节以前无法检测的靶突变。然而,迄今为止,ON 的治疗应用受到其理化性质的限制,包括稳定性差、排泄快和细胞内通路低。为了克服其中一些缺点,ON 通常使用纳米颗粒 (NP) 递送系统配制。或者,可以通过包括对 ON 的骨架或糖的化学修饰来规避稳定性差的问题。其中一些修饰也导致这些原本不透膜的大分子更好的细胞内靶标进入。因此,为了克服细胞内通路的障碍,ON into NP 的复杂配方可能并不总是需要的,特别是在局部递送的情况下。在本研究中,将化学修饰的 ON 以游离形式与聚合物 NP 辅助递送的递送和功能进行了比较,测量了它们的有效性和效率。为此,选择了具有 2 'ome 或 2' MOE 修饰的硫代磷酸酯 (PS) 骨架修饰的 18-mer ON, 能够在基于荧光的体外和体内模型系统中引发异常外显子的外显子跳跃。NP 由聚 (D,L-乳酸,共-乙醇酸) 和聚-β-氨基酯组成,以前证明通过肺途径成功递送核酸。为了优化 ON 的递送,测试了几个 NP 配方参数,包括比率 polymer: ON 、 NP 尺寸和浓度。这里报道的结果显示了裸子植物和纳米颗粒介导的递送在细胞摄取和局部组织分布方面的明显差异。在体外,以游离形式或在 NP 中配制的 2 'ome 和 2' moe ON 观察到外显子跳跃效率的差异。引人注目的观察是,在聚合物 NP 中配制的 2 'ome ON 没有导致外显子跳跃。2 'moe ON 进入小鼠呼吸道的裸体递送导致外显子跳跃进入鼻腔上皮和肺以及其他下游组织和器官的功能性递送, 指向局部交付的 ONs 的逐步重新分配,全身暴露有限但可测量。相反,NP 介导的向呼吸道递送与裸子递送相比,在 10 × 较低剂量下导致更多包含的功能性递送。基于这些发现,我们得出结论,裸子体传递 2 'ome 或 2' moe 外显子-跳跃到呼吸道是有效的, 但是 NP 制剂可能是有利的,以防扩散到非靶组织会导致不希望的效果。



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The journal publishes papers on the science and technology of the controlled release and delivery of drugs and other agents. The terms "controlled release" and "delivery" are used in their broadest sense to include mechanisms such as diffusion, chemical and enzymatic reactions, dissolution, osmosis, targeting, and the utilization and manipulation of biological processes. A broad spectrum of papers dealing with all aspects of controlled release and delivery, including gene delivery, tissue engineering and diagnostic agents, is encouraged. The use of prodrugs and carriers such as water-soluble polymers, micro- and nanoparticles, liposomes and micelles is included in the scope. Relevant papers on the toxicology and biocompatibility of drug delivery systems are also published. In addition to original full length papers, notes, reviews and rapid communications, the journal includes book reviews, reports of future meetings, and announcements pertaining to the activities of the Controlled Release Society.






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